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Student Writings
Thank You To The Students Who Have Contributed Their Work.


My favourite season is summer. In summer I like to be outdoors and look at everything like the plants and animals. I enjoy looking up at the trees and seeing the birds singing and the leaves flapping in the wind. I enjoy the ducks in the lake feeding and the way they ride the waves. I like working in the garden and having my own vegetables. Summer gives me a good feeling and it makes me feel just like back home.

by Abdul

The Party

We had a surprise party for my mother. It was her sixtieth birthday. All her friends came. It was fun. We brought a cake. She blew out the candles. It was a delicious dinner.

by Sandra

Winning the Lottery

There are many things I would like to do if I won the lottery. I would give some to my mom and dad and also to my five brothers and my three sisters. I'd give some to my three kids as well. I would give some to charities and invest some. Maybe, I'd open my own business such as a restaurant. I would also like to build a nice house on the beach in Grenada with a swimming pool because I don't like the salt water all the time. I think with every nice house, you must have a nice sports car parked at the front of it. If I won the lottery, I don't think I would stop work, but I would not work as much as before because I would enjoy my money while I was still young and strong. I could take a trip around the world. I'd invest my money in Canada because I love it here, and I would have my kids attend college and university here. However, for me, the winter is just a little too cold. I would spend the winter season in Grenada and the summer in Canada. I think before I could give money to my family or donate any money, I would have to talk to an accountant. If not, I may end up with nothing for myself depending on how much I won.

by Augustus

Hawaiian Cruise

Here I am on a Hawaiian cruise with my sister and brother-in-law and Ed. Off we go. I haven't seen anything this beautiful before. I've been on lots of ships, but not like this. You wouldn't believe what it looked like. It just had everything you could think on it. You wouldn't even think you were on water while cruising in it. Here we go on our first tour. We took a bus ride to see really beautiful scenery, such as mountains and waterfalls. It was nice to see Kauai. The next tour we went on was Maui. We went to see a show called Luai and we had supper there. The next day we saw the oldest home there.

After that we all went on a submarine ride down in the water about 120 feet. There we saw the most beautiful fish you could ever see in your life. The next day we took another tour in the town called Kona. We looked around the little town. It was quite nice. Then we took a horse ride around the town and we got talking to the tour guide and he told us that he was from Vancouver, Canada. He was in Hawaii helping his friend for a while. He said he wasn't staying that long as it was too hot for him. The next day we went on another tour in Hilo. We went through mountains that you wouldn't believe and then we went to a Macadamia nut trail where they pick nuts off the trees and they showed us how they make them. How they did it was very interesting. After that we went back to the ship and dressed up and had supper that night. I guess that is all I have to tell you about my great cruise for now.

by Nancy

October 20, 1997

Last week I went to the zoo with my daughter-in-law. The weather was beautiful, we really enjoyed it. We got to know more about species that were unknown to me. The flowered paths and greenery there amazed me, and the amount of walking we did made us feel very good. But I have to say the one thing that made me sad was that some of the animals were sitting in cages, looking at people with sadness in their eyes. I believe they felt locked up and deprived of their freedom. I know the zoo is very educational for everybody, but if I had that power, I would open the cages, and let all the animals free. by Natalie


Guyana is located on the Northwest coast of South America. It is divided into three countries: Essequibo, Demerara and Berbice. The area of Guyana is 83,000 square miles. The population of Guyana is approximately 1,312,000. There are races: American, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Africans and Indians. English is Guyana’s official language. Many of the people speak a broken form of English called Creolese.

The main industry is sugar, rice, timber, bauxite, gold and diamonds. The leading crops are sugar cane and rice. Nearly all the sugar cane is grown on large plantations, but rice is grown on plantations and on small farms. Other crops are coconuts, coffee, cocoa and citrus fruits.

One of Guyana’s tourist attractions is the Kaieteur Falls. Guyana has the largest sweet water fish in the world. The name is Arapima.

by Abdul

Bug-Jacket Season

Coe Hill in late July is where my wife and I spend two weeks of our summer holiday. We have a small piece of land with a very comfortable cabin with hydro but no running water. We hope to get a well soon. Coe Hill is about 2 1/2 hours north east of Toronto. It is a small town with a population of about 200 people, a gas station, grocery store, a couple of churches and a volunteer fire department. Our property is 5 km east of town. It is off the main highway and very private. It's in an excellent location for seeing and listening to a lot of northern Ontario's wildlife. Our cabin is set on the top of a hill that gives us a good view of the forest for miles around. Not far down the hill is Brook's Lake. It has great bass fishing and is home to a lot of different animals such as bull frogs, snapping turtles, painted turtles and water snakes to name a few. But our favourites are the loons. Every morning and evening we look forward to listening to the call of the loons. It sounds as if they are sitting right there beside us. One day, my wife and I were sitting in front of the cabin when a snowshoe rabbit came up the hill, hopped across the lawn and then went down the driveway as if we weren't even there. On a clear night, we sit outside and enjoy gazing up at the stars. If it is overcast, we always have the fireflys.

Once in a while, we will hear wolves howling off in the distance or an owl hooting nearby. Evening is the best time for listening to the animals. Sometimes, you can hear things walking through the woods very close by. You might hear a few twigs snap or the sound of rustling leaves as a small animal scurries along the forest floor. Occasionally, we see deer out in the field or jumping across the driveway, as we are coming in or going out . They disappear into the forest as fast as they appear.

Our property is a very special place for my wife and me. It's the place where we go to enjoy serenity. In the summer, the tops of the maple, oak, beech and poplar trees cover our property as if they were a canopy of hundreds of different shades of green. The driveway gives you the impression that you are in a tunnel of flora with the sounds of fauna being played through speakers hidden in the forest. About half way up the driveway, there is a very large maple with a big hole. It is the home of our nightfall bandit, the raccoon. In spring, the floor of the forest becomes a floral arrangement with more colours than a rainbow. At the same time, trillium blanket the forest floor with an endless sea of white three-petal flowers. This is also about the same time as blackflys and mosquitoes are out in full force. This is the time of year my wife and I call bug-jacket season.

by Don

My Family Thanksgiving

My brother came down with his wife and family from Ottawa to have Thanksgiving. My sister and her son came too. We don't see them all together very often. We had turkey, potatoes, corn and carrots. It was a good dinner and we had lots of fun.

by S.C.

Goldfinger and James Bond

Goldfinger and his army live in Japan. They steal from the poor and middle class people. They trade gold from country to country. James Bond is a secret agent who tried to catch Goldfinger because of all the dirty work Goldfinger and all his men were doing. Goldfinger's bodyguard was a karate expert. He had a hat that could easily cut through any object. When James Bond tried to fight Goldfinger, his bodyguard attacked him. He used the hat to stop James Bond, but James Bond was fortunate enough that the hat missed him. However, it cut through wires. During the fight between James Bond and the bodyguard, the bodyguard ended up getting electrocuted. James Bond finally got a hold of Goldfinger and after a long period of fighting Goldfinger was defeated and was put in jail for good.

by Lexie

Building Self-Esteem

We, as parents, can help our children develop self-esteem. One of the primary aims of a parent is to prepare a child for independence so he or she can survive as an adult. An infant begins in a condition of total dependency. If his or her upbringing is successful, the young man or woman will have evolved out of that dependency into a self-respecting and responsible human being. As a result, the individual will be able to respond to the challenges of life competently and enthusiastically. He or she will be self-supporting, not merely financially, but intellectually and psychologically. As parents, we are here to provide our children with firm roots to grow and wings to fly.

Our children do not grow up in a vacuum. They grow up in a social context. Indeed, much of the drama of unfolding individualization and autonomy occurs through encounters with other human beings. In the early part of childhood, a child can experience either the safety and security that allows the self to emerge, or the instability that fractures the self before it is fully formed. In summary, parents must ensure that their children can stand up for themselves, treat themselves and others with respect and know that their lives belong to them and not to others. As well, parents should let them know that they are not here to live up to someone else's expectations. Then, we, as parents, have done a great job in building self-esteem.

by Lionel

Planting the Garden

Brian and I thought that a garden would be nice. We got some flowers and vegetables. We planted them and they are growing. The staff planted some flowers and vegetables too.

If you go outside, you can see sweet 100 tomatoes, lettuce, beans and zucchini. Look for the morning glory. It is climbing on the wooden trellis. If you want some vegetables, ask the staff.

By Robert

Christmas in 1997 in Jamaica

I went to Jamaica on holiday last December. The weather was pleasant, so the flight left on time. I go to Jamaica to enjoy the sunshine which is scarce in Canada during the winter months. I made the best of it.

I nearly cancelled the trip when I realized it was election down there. I know from experience when there is an election in Jamaica, it can get violent. Still, I did not change my plans, I decided to go.

The election this year was different from past years when many people were killed by violence. To my surprise, it was quite peaceful. The country never saw such a peaceful election in many, many years. I think the Jamaican people are changing. They are learning that violence cannot build a country.

The election was won by the ruling People’s National Party. Out of 60 seats, the PNP won 49; the remaining 11 seats were won by the (JLP) Jamaica Labour Party. It was a landslide victory for the PNP led by Prime Minister P.J. Patterson. The main opposition, the Jamaica Labour Party, led by Edward Seaga, was not happy with the results; knowing that only 11 seats out of a total of 60 went to his party. In the history of Jamaican elections, no party has ever won twice the number of seats of the opposing party. This time, however, the winning party had more than three times the seats of the opposition. A third party in the election race, The National Democratic Movement led by Bruce Gloding got no seats.

This is what I think about the election result in Jamaica! The two opposition parties were fighting against each other instead of taking the time to make their points with the people. The People’s National Party was better organized and took the time to present their plan to the voters. I think Jamaicans felt that a PNP government would be better able to lead them into the twenty-first century.

By George

The Trip to Florida and The Disney Wonder

We all arrived at the airport at 5:00 a.m. Eighteen of us waiting for the airplane - a small one that took us to Pittsburgh. Our grandchildren, their mothers, and Ed and I flew to Orlando on another, much larger plane.

We went to a motel called Dixieland. We stayed there for three days. During this time, we all went to the Magic Kingdom for a day. We walked around to see what rides we could go on. We went on a ride just like The Flyer. It was wild and fast and we all enjoyed it. Then, the kids had some lunch. Afterwards, we went looking for more rides. We all went on a log ride and got wet. The kids said that the ride scared them.

We watched "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" in 3D. It was hilarious because the size of everything was distorted. At about 3:00 there was a big parade that we watched. All of the Disney characters were there: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and more. The kids were really excited about seeing the characters and had their pictures taken with them.

Then we all went on the Disney Cruise Line for the next four days. This ship had programs going on for the kids from 10:00 a.m. to midnight. We visited the Bahamas and other tropical islands - one of them a private island that was beautiful. There the kids participated in a hulahoop contest. My granddaughter Ashton won and she picked my other granddaughter Amberlee to be with her for a watermelon-eating contest. They won that as well. The kids all had their hair braided in the Bahamas. We all had a good time. All of us ate well and had lots of things to do. We didn't get bored. We did so many things that it felt like we were there for two weeks instead of one.

By Nancy

Come and relax in Grenada, the island of spice.

You can get away from stress and enjoy yourself on our lovely beaches. There are plenty of things for you to do here.

Grenada is surrounded by water. You could go get sea eggs and fish. You could get a row boat and ride around the island with the tour guide. Concord waterfall is so beautiful you would not want to miss it. It is in St. John's. It is on the west side and it is very high The people love to jump from the top to the bottom.

When you go to Grenada, there are a lot of restaurants there. My favourite restaurant is Nutmeg. The traditional food is oil down. You have to put coconut milk in the oil down, lots of meat, curry, black pepper, bananas, dumplings, beans, carrots, dasheen, garlic, onion and plantain. There are lots of mangos down in Grenada. We could make lot of things with coconut. We could bake with it.

By Judy
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